February, Kyoto in One Day Special!

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February in Kyoto (private walking tour) 

This month we are dropping our prices down and offering a great deal. Only during what is left of February you will be able to have the Kyoto In One Day tour for a fraction of its original price. Check out the description, you will see you get all the benefits from our premium tour: 

Going to Kyoto for just for one day might seem like a stretch, but it’s actually doable and well worth it.

In fact, if you take an early bullet train (Shinkansen) out and a late one back to let’s say to Tokyo or Osaka, you’ve got just over ten hours to take in the sights of Kyoto. With some of the most famous landmarks in Asia, amazing food and history and tradition of the ancient capital of Japan, there’s a lot to try, see, eat and drink.

We’ve put together a tour of some of the best things to do in Kyoto if you’re only there for a day. Although if you wanted to stay for longer than that, we wouldn’t blame you.

This is a perfect one-day tour customized just for you. Your local guide will plan an itinerary according to the places you want to visit the most.

Because this is our most flexible tour,  you can choose at least 4 of your favorite sites in Kyoto to visit. Our suggested popular sightseeing spots are:

  • Nishiki market (one of the busiest Kyoto fresh food markets)
  • Nijo Castle (the former Kyoto residence of the shogun with spacious Japanese gardens)
  • Kinkakuji Temple (the famous Golden Pavillion)
  • Ryoanji (one of the most famous Zen rock gardens in Japan)
  • Arashiyama district (a scenic natural area with magnificent bamboo grove)
  • Kiyomizu Temple (one of the best known wooden temples in Kyoto with a spectacular panoramic view over the city)
  • Heian Shrine (constructed for the 1100th anniversary of the establishment of Heian-kyo)
  • Ginkakuji Temple (also known as the Silver Pavillion)
  • Philosopher's path (a famous sakura viewing spot along a small river.
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine (unending path of vibrant orange torii gates)
  • Sanjusangendo (1001 carved images of Kannon)
  • Nanzenji (one of the best temples in Northern Higashiyama district)
  • Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka (beautiful and well-preserved ancient streets)?

If you have other sites in mind please let us know, we will be happy to take you where you want.

You can check out the photos of the places you will visit during the tour by looking at the gallery at the bottom of this page or visiting our FB page: click here.

Bookings during for the period of February 2018 will be processed.

Departure point

The tour departs from the address of your Kyoto accommodation, which you provide when booking the tour. If you are coming from Osaka or Tokyo, your guide can go and pick you up from Kyoto Station.

Departure time
9:00 AM for full day tours and at either 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM for a half day tour. If you would like to start at a different time, just let us know! 

If you wish to change the departure time please let us know. 

Duration of the tour
  • 8 hours approximately for a full day tour. 
  • You can also opt for a half-day tour of approximately 4 hours. (If you are interested in a half day tour, please select the option on the web form. A new lower price  will be displayed on the screen).
Means of transport
Public transportation: A combination of buses, trains or taxis can be used to get from one tourist spot to another. Please note that these fees are no included in the tour package, and do not forget to cover your guide's travel expenses as well. The estimated cash needed is around 11 to 18 USD per person.

Our guides will be happy to suggest restaurants during lunch time and also places where you can buy snacks and drinks along the way (these expenses are not included in the tour package). Please note that for full-day tours, the guide will join you for lunch and we ask that you cover the cost of his/her lunch.

Other expenses

Temple and garden entrance fees are also not included (these costs are usually low).

Return details
Returns to original departure point at approximately 5:00 pm. 

Remember that the price of the tour is the same for your entire group (from 1 up to 6 people). We don't charge per person.

 Admission fees to temples and gardens are also not included. Please be sure to read our FAQ to see more information about our tour fees and other important details. 

Book us now by filling in the form at the right side of this page (no payment is required yet and you can change your itinerary later on). Remember, all our prices are in US dollars