Calligraphy Experience

Cultural Experience 75-90 minutes

$42 Per Person


Calligraphy Experience

What image do you have of Japanese Calligraphy? You might think calligraphy is one of the hardest Japanese cultures to call on, but actually it's not. Why don' t you experience the genuine Japanese culture and bring in the new in your life? Calligraphy has attracted attention from all over the world recently, especially through Zen Buddhism. The fundamental teaching of Zen tells that we are originally enlightened and meditation is imperative for Zen practice to turn your eye inward. During the calligraphy session, you'll definitely have the chances to be concentrated like Zen sitting meditation. Aroma of black ink will also sooth your mind and make you feel relaxed.

What can you experience:

  • Introduction- Introduction of basic calligraphy knowledge.
  • Instruction- Demonstration from the instructor.
  • Hands-On- Now, let's try your own artwork!

A percentage of the profits go to development projects in Latin America - We always support local businesses.