Tea Ceremony Experience

Cultural Experience 45 minutes

$20 Per Person


Tea Ceremony Experience

The tea ceremony (chanoyu), which is also known as the Way of Tea (chado or sado), is the ritualized preparation and serving of powdered green tea in the presence of guests. Tea ceremony is one of Japan's traditional cultural practices, and is a name given to an art that synthesizes the preparation and drinking of tea together with spirituality, history, architecture, the appreciation of handmade tea utensils.
A full-length formal tea ceremony involves a meal (chakaiseki) and two servings of tea (koicha and usucha) and lasts approximately four hours, during which the host engages his whole being in the creation of an occasion designed to bring aesthetic, intellectual, and physical enjoyment and peace of mind to the guests.

Now also you can participate in introduction to Japanese tea ceremony and be familiar with tranquil and relaxing tradition!.

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