The walking tour fee covers the guide's services in either English or Spanish for the allotted time.

Transportation costs during the tours, drinks and snacks along the way, and temple/garden/entrance fees are NOT included in the tour price.

Please note that for full-day tours, the guide will join you for lunch and we ask that you cover the cost of the guide’s lunch and his/her transportation cost during the tour (usually a minimal expense).
The taxi tour fee covers the guide's services in English for the allotted time. It also covers the car rental and the gas/petrol expenses.

- Parking and highway fees are NOT included in the package.

- Drinks and snacks along the way, and temple/garden/entrance fees are NOT included in the tour price.

Please note that for full-day tours, the guide will join you for lunch and we ask that you cover the cost (usually a minimal expense).
Although everybody spends differently when they tour Kyoto, most find out that this amazing city is a lot less expensive than they were expecting.

Eating out is very reasonable and it will be your major expense. Assuming you eat at mid-range restaurants around 8 to 14 USD would suffice.

Local transport is also inexpensive, with just about 7-12 USD you could be able to travel through the city for a full day.

Entrance fees to shrines, temples and gardens are also very reasonable, with most in the region of 3 - 5 USD yen. Occasionally you will need to pay as much as 15 USD although it is usually less.

As a rough guide, we recommend taking around 28 - 39 USD per day and per person in spending money. This should cover your meals, drinks, local transport and any entrance fees. Of course, if you wish you can easily spend a lot more.
No. The amount you pay is per tour not per person. The price does not increase if you bring along your friends or family. No need to pay extra for groups of up to 6 people.

If you desire a tour for 7 or more you can tell us when you are filling out the reservation form. There is an additional charge that will be shown on the screen before you book us.
Credit and debit cards are usually accepted at department stores and in high-end restaurants. However, Japan is still a cash-based society and you will have trouble if you try to use cards in small shops, restaurants and about half of the taxis you encounter in Kyoto.

We encourage our guests to carry cash with them and not to rely on cards for making purchases. You can use your cards to withdraw Japanese Yen from cash machines (ATM) at post offices and at 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Just remember, you will need your 4-digit PIN code to make the withdrawals and it is a good idea to let know your bank at home that you will be using your card in Japan. Nowadays, ATMs have an English interface so they are easy to use!
The half-day tours are great if you don't have much time or energy to go around.

We have (at least) three suggestions to maximize your visit in Kyoto:

A. We can take you to east part of Kyoto ( Higashiyama district ) where you can visit Kyomizudera temple, ninenzaka and sannenzaka streets and the Silver Pavillion (Ginkakuhi). If time allows, you can also visit the philosopher's path.

B. Visit the west side of Kyoto and go to Nijo Castle, Arashiyama (bamboo forest) and Kinkakuji. If time allows, you can also visit Ryouanji.

C. You can plan your trip and we will adjust to your needs.

The guide will be happy to accommodate to your pace. We never rush unless you really want to. We want you to have the best experience of Kyoto possible.
All our tours are private. This means you have total freedom to decide the places to go and the time to spend at each one of them. Our guide will adapt to your requests during the allotted time (usually from 9 am to 5 pm for full tours).
Yes. See as much as you can, walk as much as you want. We are flexible to all of your needs.
This is YOUR Tour, YOUR Pace!

During the tour, we will devote ourselves exclusively to you and to the people you're traveling with so you can have the freedom to do what you like the most.
Tips are not included in the tour price and tipping is entirely at your discretion. Our guides will not feel disappointed if you do not tip them because this practice is not widespread in Japan. Although, they will gladly accept a tip if you explain to them that you really enjoyed the service.
Except the designated Half-Day tours shown on the site, we also offer a short version of our Full-Day Tours.
The cost of a Half-Day tour is 230$.
A Half-Day tour is 4 hours long, available in two time frames: Morning- 9:00-13:00 and Afternoon: 13:00-17:00.

If you are interested in shortening a specific tour, please reserve your desired tour and date, and contact us at info@kyotodailytours.com to customise your Half-Day tour.
Kyoto Daily Tours is collaborating with some of Kyoto's most authentic attractions.

In case you wish to experience first hand what attractions Kyoto has to offer, please visit our dedicated attractions page.
Our tours are open to all ages as long as infants and children under 16 are accompanied by a parent.
Yes! We currently are offering tours in Spanish.

Estamos muy contentos de poder guiar en español. Nuestro equipo cuenta con gente de Latinoamerica.
Please check out our cancellation policy by clicking at the link at the bottom of this page.
No. The walking part of these tours are only while visiting the attraction sites. To move from site to site we usually use public transportation (minimal expense) or we can also grab taxis if you feel like it.

Please bear in mind that transportation fees for you and your guide are not included in the tour price.

A percentage of the profits go to development projects in Latin America - We always support local businesses.